Chubby Pixel games – March update!

By March 8, 2021Games

Hello my friends!

In this March blog post I would like to update you on the new games and improvements we’re working on. We’re excited to show you some new content from our games!

first of all:

Woodle Deluxe new edition is now available on Steam, you can grab it here!

In this new edition, we’ve decided to include a new extra level and more content updates soon to be announced!

Meanwhile here a glimpse from the new game we’re working on!

Regarding the PlayStation VR the new edition of “Suicide Guy VR” we’re working hard to bring it soon to the PS store.

it took us more time than expected to port the game for the new system,
but we’re glad to announce that it will be released even for the new PS5 VR Visor edition, coming soon!

For Further updates join our Discord Server:

This month some of our Nintendo Switch games are now on sale too!

Sales Suicide Guy (-88% off) and Suicide Guy Sleepin’ Deeply (-83% off):

Suicide Guy:

Sleepin’ Deeply: