From a single game to a brand: the Suicide Guy recap

By January 31, 2022Games

How the constant support to the game, hugely improved the interest in the franchise through the years

Hello my friends!
In this post I would like to share with you the development experience that we have undertaken to raise awareness and maintain constant interest in our games and brands, with hundreds of thousands of players all around the world.

We started with a single game, than due to the success of the first release, continued to expand the brand, releasing new chapters, a physical edition, a Virtual Reality version of the game, a Mobile edition and much more.

Below you can find all the steps that followed the initial release in 2017!

Suicide Guy (PC game) (2017)

Released back in 2017 for PC (Steam, Humble store) the game gained a huge boost thanks to streamers that helped to expand the brand awareness of the characters, gameplay style, and game mechanics.
Thanks to this, we understood the game potential and decided to continue to expand this world.

Game link:

Suicide Guy Sleepin’ Deeply (2018)

We then released a few months later the second chapter with new levels, story and much more, expanding the game world and its characters.

Game link:

Suicide Guy (Console releases) (2018)

The first chapter was then released on all major consoles (PS4, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One) gaining even more visibility, players and a fanbase.
The most popular release is probably on Switch where the game had the most sales ever. 

Game Link:

Suicide Guy VR (2020)

The Virtual Reality edition of the game was then released in 2020 for PC, and later for PlayStation VR/Oculus Store.
Although Virtual Reality is not yet a mass hardward product, the game has sold very well on those platforms.

Game Link:

Suicide Guy Collection (physical edition) (2020)

The Suicide Guy Collection that includes all the chapters of the game, was then published the same year as a physical release for Nintendo Switch, thanks to Red Art games that helped us with the physical distribution.

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Suicide Guy (mobile edition iOS, Google Play) (2021)

Due to the success of the latest releases, we then decided to publish a lighter version of the game for iOS and Google Play, and found out that many users didn’t have yet played the game. The mobile market if huge if well exploited and if you release a game already well known globally.

Game Link:

The Suicide Guy Deluxe Edition (2021)

After many years from its initial release, we then decided to release an updated and improved version of the first game, with new levels, content and much more, attracting many new players.

Game Link:

Suicide Guy (Chinese release) (2022)

Thanks to the Chinese publisher 4399 games we were finally able in 2022 to release the game in China.
This fact helped the awareness of the game to expand even in this new territory!

Game Link:

Suicide Guy 2 (TBA) and more!

Many new releases are in the works, with a bigger sequel, new incredible chapters, peluches and much more. This was all possible thanks to the huge support that gamers and fans gave us through the years.

We think that the franchise of the game is still widely expandable and so we will continue to develop this kind of game expanding even more its game mechanics!