Game advertising and the power of emails

By October 3, 2014game development

Here is a new post about game development and advertising!
Today I would like to talk about the importance of writing  exhaustive and clear emails.

I never thought that writing good emails had such an influence on the success of a game since the last months: now I think that writing high quality emails is important as much as developing high quality games if you want many people to play it.

First of all you shoud collect as many emails you can, from youtube channels (even known ones could be useful!) to game reviews websites.
Once you gather enough you should start to create a nice email with images, links, logos, gifs, videos and everything that could differentiate your e-mail from the others: game reviewrs receive hundreads of emails every day, so it’s really difficult to get their attention!

here is an example of email that I wrote to support my game:



We’re a little game development studio based in Italy, and would really like show you our latest game. 
We already developed other games that you can try out at : 
Our latest game Woodle Tree: Adventures” has been released on Steam and have been featured on bundles like Humble Bundle and Build a Bundle and other minor bundles.
Here are some images of the game in action: 

here is a keycode if you want to try the whole game:
Let us know what you think about it,



There are a lot of great articles about writing a good email, here are some of them:–gamedev-7157 (italian)
(english translation)