Game Advertising tricks and suggestions (with examples)

By October 16, 2014game development

Hello indie friends! Here I am again with some game advertising and development tricks! (with examples as suggested in the title)

1. First of all I would like to talk about incompleted projects and Games Jams.
My suggestion is to publish every single thing that you develop, even if it’s a little demo, publish a video and a demo of it!

If your keep these works for yourself only,  for what the rest of the world is concerned it’s like  you never did them at all ! Don’t take this suggestion  too lightly , since I learned from experience that it’s fundamental!
For example,  last month a publisher (IndieGala) casually  found a demo I made back in 2011 (3 years ago) and that you can check out at this link:


It surely was a rough demo since it was one of my first , but still I decided to publish it just after I finished it.

Years later (2014) I decided to try to greenlit the game, and it was approved in just 2 months.
Now IndieGala is helping me financially to finish this game and publish it on steam (obviously with a revenues share).

Here is a screenshot of how the game is proceeding:


 The game will be released on Steam on December/January. (official website)



2. Another advice I would like to give you is to cultivate the community.
What I mean is not only to inform  through a newsletter or through  a blog, but answer to every gamer asking you questions about the game, about the development of the game and anything anyone would like to know (even a keycode for your game).

Obviously it takes a lot of your  time, but this is an effective way to really stay in contact with the community.

For example, I have a lot of friends on Steam and Facebook and I try to always answer to all  gamers that start a chat with me!
I even created a Steam group for every game I develop (here is an example).



3. You have to understand how to distribute the traffic generated from a web page to another one.
I believe that this is an important concept that is often underestimated. For example a on a youtube video or trailer of a game, I always put 2 or 3 links to other websites (for example in my latest game’s trailer).
Even in this post I put a lot of links as you can see! 

This helped me a lot to improve the traffic on our Facebook page (now with over 2000 likes) thanks to all the links I put on the Steam page, Youtube trailers, Facebook, Official Websites, Interviews and my Twitter account etc.


These are some  tricks that I wanted to share with you and I hope they can be  helpful !
I’m still experimenting the marketing side: for example next month we’ll release a demo  of our latest game to increase the sales, we’ll see if itwill be useful!

Let me have your comments or write me  an email ( if you would like to read other tricks!