Game Development – how to organize your personal projects while working on B2B games

Hello my friends!

in this new post I’ll talk about the difficulties and conclusions I made during the last year as an indie game dev, hoping that it could help you to understand what you want to do! 🙂


First of all, this year has been really difficult for me as I had to organize the limited time I had on personal and on B2B (business to business, like adver games and edu games) projects.

In the end, during the last year I had really little time to dedicate to my personal projects since I had to finish the latest B2B games: I signed contracts with specific dates of delivery and I had to respect them.


In the end I’m still working on our B2C (Business to Consumer) games: ‘Sucide Guy‘ and ‘The Way of Life‘.

Here a few screens of the games!







to be continued…