Game Marketing – the importance to communicate with your audience

By October 26, 2015Game Marketing

Hello my friends!

In this post I would like to talk about one aspect of the marketing that many developers don’t consider: The importance to comunicate with the gamers and create an empathic connection with them.


As of today, we have a great platform to establish a direct connection between the developer and the gamer. Thanks to Steam infact, the developer is able to chat in the forums or directly in the steam chat with all it’s fans, a way to communicate with your gamers that was unthinkable few years ago.


Many devs criticize the Steam platform for not having a good visibility for their game since a lot a released every day. But they do not understand what great platform they have at disposition.


For example, I pass few hours per week chatting with gamers that ask me for suggestion, keycodes, life problems, tips on game development, compliments on my games, and even signing their Steam profile (that’s a new fashion on Steam!).


What I’m trying to say is that developers should act like the youtubers of today, like Pewdiepie or Markiplier.

Not everyone knows that their audience loves them not because of the silly videos they make (many are incredulous asking why they have so much success insulting them and their audience), but because of the empathy they create with their audience and they know it very well.


I think that the youtubers of today are the new clowns of the past, in the sense that they try to cure people and kids with problems (or that feel lonely) through the internet, establishing an outstanding connection with their audience.


Today this is the best weapon that every Indie game dev have to contrast triple A games.