Money doesn’t grow on trees. Or could it?

Hello Everyone!
Here is a new post about sales and marketing since a lot of you asked for it!
After the update 1.8 of the game (released in 2014), we didn’t have time to develop the game since we were working on new titles (Suicide Guy and Catcher).

Anyways we noticed that the game is still selling, thanks to the various sales and promotions we’re doing, earning about 1000$ per month.
In the bottom of the page you can find a pic with the stats!

My suggestion is to continue to belive in your project and finish it as soon as you can!

Woodle Tree is now 87% OFF so hurry if you want to get it for just 30 cents! 🙂


UPDATE: I had to remove the image showing the chart of the Steam sales since it contained confidential sales data which Valve agree not to share publicly.

Sorry Valve!