Woodle Tree 2: Worlds is an open world platformer/adventure videogame.
You’ll assume the role of the son of the last hero who saved the world in the first game.
This time the forces of evil are taking over the Wood Lands with a black substance
that is absorbing energy and life from the living creatures!
Will you be able to take over this enormous new evil force?

Get it on Nintendo Switch!

And PlayStation 4

Get it now on Steam too!
Features of the game:
– Open World platforming levels! A new super vast world to explore.
– Co-op local mode up to 4 players! Save the world with 3 of your friends
– New moves! You’ll be able to perform a double jump and gliding moves thanks to your new leaf. You’ll even be able to gather water for the dying plants.
– New items and customizable to unlock for Woodle and his house (furnishings, weapons, masks etc)
– MMO mode, explore the Wood Lands with friends from all over the world
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