Suicide Guy a port-mortem 3 years after release

By April 28, 2020Games

Hello my friends!

I would like to write a post about the development and marketing of Suicide Guy and its new chapters. (link)

Even if is a game of 2017 (3 years ago), the game is still selling really well thanks to the constancy of our updates and the marketing we’re making to advertise the new chapters and content that we’re adding to the game.

The game has sold for now a total of over 150.000 copies on all platforms (notice that it includes all the chapters) and is still selling consistently like the previous year without major slowdowns.

You can check this in the pie chart below:

Here a graph taken directly from Steam with the copies sold starting from 2017 to 2020 (of course includes sales and deals). As you can see it seems that the curve goes even up and the interest in the game is still very high.

The curiosity about the game is still increasing probably due to the new VR edition that we’re going to release in few months.

I noticed that the interest in VR has never been so high, that is why we’re porting the game for all VR devices and at the same time continuing to add content.

Since the game is still unknown by many players, I’m even testing new marketing strategies, for example posting video updates of the game on Reddit. You can check for example This Post

As you can see the interest in the VR edition of the game is incredibly high, with a lot of players that even played the first game and are eager to try this new VR edition!

This kind of marketing is both creating awareness on the upcoming VR game and helping actual sales of the game already released in 2017.

Here some other post examples that I made to create awareness on the upcoming release:

Personally I have to say that even after years after the first game, I’m still having fun to return to the project and continue it with new content.

Thanks to this, the team is constantly expanding, so you can expect new games of this and new series coming out soon!

Remember that you can grab a copy of the game here if you want:

And here a sneak peek of the logo of Suicide Guy VR coming soon