The Power of the Universal View

By November 15, 2017game development

Hello my friends,

In this post I would like to write about a point of view (or more a way of life) that I think it’s important to achieve during the life of an individual and that could be useful for your work too.

This is a topic that many essays are about for example in “The power of your subconcious mind”, “Mastery”, “Ignore Everybody”, “The book of Nothing”, “My inventions”, “The begin of Infinty” and many others, but it’s never clear how to achieve this kind of attitude. I think in these books there is a trace of what I want to analyze in the following lines.

The way of thinking I’m talking about is something that is beyond meditation that can help you to concentrate and achieve everything you want even avoiding the distractions of the everyday life.
To achieve this there are a lot of methods that can be used, for example the ubiquity (the power of being present everywhere) applied to the mind. This can be useful to get the mental elasticity and creativity needed during your work and life.

You’ll need a lot of persistance, practice and method in order to master it. For example when you close your eyes and imagine something or someplace, your mind is making some kind of instant voyage somewhere in the non-physical world. When you imagine something (like in a dream) what is actually affected are all your senses as if you were really there: if you’re expert enough you can imagine the smell of the sand, the sound of the sea, the breeze of the wind on your skin, all this at the same time.

Now, if you imagine this technique applied in every moment in your everyday life (with eyes opened), you will understand what can be achieved and how much can influece your life.

After this kind of technique is mastered (I’m actually still mastering) another technique that I actually tried and would like to deepen is the power of ubiquity in everytime. What I mean is that this way, the time barrier is broken, making all the events of the existence present all at the same time like in a sort of mental Big Bang. Since no one still understands what time is, it’s interesting to find new ways to distort it and make it yours thanks to just your mind.

One important thing that I think must be achieved first, in order to be able to exploit your mind at the highest level is the annihilation of the ego. This way of thinking is actually the most difficult to gain since we as human beings and animals have the ego structured in our own DNA: we have the istructions to conserve the ego with all the means at our disposal.
I invite you not to think with the objective to preseve and act only for your own good (what most people do) but to act only for a greater thing: your own objectives. This way you can really be in control of yourself without the needs to satisfy your ego that can create concrete distractions during your lifetime.

Overpass you Ego: this is the real teaching that I would suggest you to learn and that can really change the whole world. Once obtained you’ll be able to overcome your mind too and be able to “Play” with it as you want using techniques like the mental ubiquity which I mentioned above. If you think about it in concrete, there is no importance of where you are or who you are in this moment once these techniques are obtained. For example you can be in a place that you don’t want to be and be happy anyway since it has no more importance of where you are in the physical world.

This concept can be really difficult to comprehend and to explain too, but if you really start to think and read, I’m sure that you’ll find out the meaning of what I’m writing.

I wrote this for everyone interested in new ways of thinking and for me too in order to have a written text that I can use to help me with these kinds of techniques 🙂
Thanks for the attention!