Woodle Tree and The Way of Life Sales and Activation Reports!

Hello everyone!

In this post I would like to talk about “Woodle Tree Adventures” sellings and statistics and “The Way of Life” downloads, since there are really few games that show sales statistics

Here is the first chart for the first 8 monthson Steam:

Woodle Tree Graphic

 Here the Google Analytics detailed Chart, since a lot of you asked for it!:



And here is The Way of Life chart for the first 2 months:

The Way of Life Graphic

As you can see, in the first chart, Woodle sold a total of 20.000+ units and had 4 main sales spikes: Release date, Steam Sales in August, Steam Sales in December and Steam Sales in January.

The Way of Life although is a free game, it totalized 330.000 downloads. Not bad at all!