Year Review and what’s next!

By January 18, 2021Games

Year Review and what’s next!

Hello my friends!
Since is the start of a new year, we would like to take the time to write about all the things that happened during the last year and what’s next to come.

Despite the Covid situation we were able to continue all our projects remotely and were able to release our games 🙂

Moreover the large number of players this year resulted in an increase of over 200% in sales of our games compared to the previous year. This allowed us to increase the team size and work on even bigger projects!

One of the best selling games of the year has been Suicide Guy for Nintendo Switch:

This made it possible to publish our first retail game “Suicide Guy Collection” available on the Red Art games! (and in digital edition too)

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Physical Edition:

Digital Edition:

It includes both the Suicide Guy chapters and some cool artwork inside!

During the year we were able to develop and publish even our first VR Index game “Suicide Guy VR

It’s the Virtual Reality edition of the Suicide Guy, coming soon to PS VR and Oculus Store too!
Game Link:

Another of our games recently released in December is our first game for the next game console Xbox Series X: “Sleepin’ Deeply”!

Game Link:

This new edition of the game is highly optimized and enhanced for the next gen consoles.

Regarding the new games for 2021, we’re releasing our first Mobile game for iOS and Android on January 20th: “Suicide Guy“. Is our first Mobile game, so we’re excited since many of you asked for it!

Regarding our next Untitled game: we’re working hard on it and expect to release next year for all next gen consoles. Here a glimpse of it running on Nintendo Switch!

Since our Dev Kit for PlayStation 5 has finally arrived, We’re working to make it run on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X too, so stay tuned for an update for those!

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One last update is regarding Woodle: a new game is coming in this series, so stay tuned!
To follow the development of the game, you can join our Discord:

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